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Digitr provides all the convenience of a smart, easy and scalable hallway pass. And it's FREE!

A user-friendly app :)

Digitr simply times, counts and manages all your students’ hallway passes - all from the convenience of one APP. Once downloaded, you and your students can step back while Digitr handles all your hallway passes. 

Be it going to the locker, bathroom, principal’s office and other student trips outside the classroom, Digitr will notify you, time the student and count the passes! 

Your digital monitor. No more student excuses. 

Digitr stores information of a student’s hallway pass usage - the number of trips outside the class, the dates and times the passes were used and how many are left!  So no more confusion or issues on the hallway pass usage. Digitr stores them all for you and your students!  The number of available passes for use can be configured prior to install. 

Every time a student uses a pass, Digitr notifies the student how many passes are left. Once they have all been used up, a student can no longer avail of any passes. 

It has a simple, easy to use interface that has been designed smartly, simply and with real time student-teacher needs in mind. 

Digitr works with all types of devices - Apple and Android devices, iPad or Chromebook, desktop, laptop or any other device. The Digitr app is versatile and compatible with any device you are using at school!

The best part's FREE!

The best of both worlds! Packed with all the features for your hallway pass needs and at no cost to you or your school! So sign up now and let us help you manage your hallway passes  - for free!

Compatible with all your devices

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